Roadside brake pads job on my 01 lx. What sockets do I need?

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Feb 28, 2016
East Mesa, Az
Brake pads are worn and I want to slap some pads on while on a major road trip. I’m limited on tools. Only a simple socket set and some basic hand tools. I know I need to buy a large c clamp. I’ve done pads before. I just forgot what sockets I need.

All help is appreciated.
Rear pads require 15 mm I do believe and big channel locks or something else to push pistons back in. If I remember correctly there is no need to remove front calipers. But I may be confused with my 80 series calipers that I deal with alot more often.
I've only done fronts. No sockets are needed other than to get wheel off. You will need to hammer out the two pins and use a screw driver with old pads in to compress the calipers. C-clamp didn't work for me and eventually resorted to using a piece of wood to compress calipers to get the new ones in.

The youtube tundra/tacoma videos were the same as my 100 series as far as procedure.
Pin punch
Brake pad spreader
22mm to remove lug nuts

Ryanstl for rescue!
Rear needs 17 and 14mm. The only 15 mm I used in a toyota is to release the tension on 2uzfe drive belt tensioner.

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