Road trip: Highway of the Devil

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May 31, 2007
Tucson, Arizona
Arizona, west of Why, south of I-8. Not really a difficult road, but really really beautiful area. Enjoy the pics.
who or what is under those pile of rocks w/ a cross?nice view you got far out were you from civilization? john:D
Looks like a peaceful place. I'll have to try and hit some similar areas next time I am down that way.
The road is 112 miles long and takes two days to travel. If you really want to see the place plan for 3 or 4 days because there are alot of side roads and hills to hike. As far as being far from civilisation, we very much were. If not for the border patrol there would be no one on that road. we did see evidence of migrants from Mexico, but even that was very scarce. At one point we hiked up a hill and looked south into Mexico and saw a highway about 10 or 15 miles away, maybe more. People die out here crossing over so even though it sounds like an almost hikable didtance, it is not.
If you go, pack extra water because there is none and gas to put your mind at ease. Don't go during the rainy season because there is a section of the road that is impassable completely, absolutly no way around. The dried mud we drove thru had ruts that made my knckles turn white. It was the only real spot on the road where the driving was tricky. You will enjoy the isolation if that is what you are looking for.
The grave with the cross is about 100 years old. It was a prospector who died of exposure out there and as many stories of the south west go, his donkey did make it back to camp without him. That is what prompted the others in his party to search for him. I think his name was Magee or something like that.
BYW, I track my gas milage from San Diago back home to Arizona. I was getting 12.5 miles per gallon on the highway traveling at about 64 miles per hour. It is possible to do better than 10 miles per gallon with our trucks. I'm feeling green!
14 to 17 is doable. I can get 240 to 250 out of 18 gallons. But with my tire size (33's) its really more like 270 to 280
Gotta love desert exploring... My forester is about to pass the buck to the cruiser after racing through the playas for four years - more space and fun at 5mph is winning out over the pucker factor of 70mph on a gravel road... :D

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