rivnut/nutsert tool-can I borrow yours?

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Jul 2, 2003
Trumansburg, New York
I realize this will probably lead to a detailed bludgeoning on the inadequacies of my garage but I really don't have the cash or ability to justify buying the installation tool for these buggers. I only need to install 4 of the 3/8" (3/-18) threaded rivnuts or nutserts and the tool will minimally set me back $80. So if anyone is feeling generous about loaning me the tool to do this I'd appreciate it. PM me to work out the deal (clownmidget@yahoo.com). Oh, the 80 content is that these 4 threaded inserts are to hold up the oem aux. tank. Check George Scolaro's website to see exactly where these go. Thanks in advance.
Mike R.
Riverside, CA
If you don't ream the hole out for the nutsert (make it a tight fit so it doesn't turn); you can just use a washer and an a bolt with all threads to set the nutsert.
Yeah Bill, I already tried it plus a few improvisations attempting to replicate the action of the tool until it looked like either I was going to build the tool with $200 worth of parts or break something. That's why I've given in to using the proper tool, go figure. Thanks
A board member was nice enough to help me out with a couple of these nutserts when I did my snorkle. The holes don't have to be that exact. Instead of a washer find some flat stock that you can hold still, drill a hole in it and fold a piece of sandpaper and place it between the nutsert and the plate. The idea is not to let the nutsert turn as you screw into it. Works perfectly.
Here is another variation if you don't come up with the tool. It's just a 1/4 inch pipe nipple, drilled out to 3/8 inch inside. I filed the one edge with a triangle file to put some teeth on it. Took about 20 minutes to make.
I have the hand nutsert tool and I must say squeezing 3/8 nutserts with it is not the easiest thing. When I built a ladder rack for my pickup with 3/8 inch nutserts around the edges, I ended up finishing up the squeezing with a bolt setup.

I'm confident that when one looks up Yankee ingenuity in Webster's there is a photo of your swirled face. :D

I vote that we subtitle you "Toolman" :cheers:

Rick..Ahem... The last time I checked Pennsylvania is in the Northeast. :slap: You know, 2nd state in the Union... one of the original 13 colonies. :D
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We have a ratchet set, so you can pre determine the amount of force required and not overstress the nutsert, which does 3mm to 14mm, the 14mm ones are a bit tough, so we have a pnuematic 14mm nutsert gun, but we can get other tips for it.

Aus may be a bit far to be sending 3k worth of nutsert tools though, so feel free to use Junks..... Im sure he will let you keep it too :flipoff2:
Well, mine was a cheapo model, but it's free to borrow any time.

To anyone but shed boy jackson though. :flipoff2: :D For you to borrow, you must come over here, borrow my truck, then fix what you break before I give you back your travel papers. :flipoff2: :D
does burning it to the ground satisfy "fixing what I broke" so you can claim it on isurance when done? :flipoff2: :D :flipoff2: 8) :flipoff2:
sure, works for me. so long as I can get every dollar out I put into it. LOL, like I'd ever even see 10% of what went into it. :'( :flipoff2:
I like to work on the "dont add it up rule" so then you dont know what it owed you :D

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Mike, the only issue with most rivnut tools is they WON'T fit into the TINY space between the chassis & the body for the front two rivnuts. The two rear rivnuts are easy - lot's of room.

The tool I used (borrowed from a mate) was basically a bolt and a washer & a nut (with no threads). The nut end facing the rivnut has radial 'spurs' that bite onto the rivnut. You put a spanner on the nut to stop it rotating and you use another spanner on the bolt head. That's the only rivnut tool that would fit into the space - and even then I ended up having to use a breaking bar to spread the chassis away from the body a bit to slip the tool out after it had done it's job...

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Off to Disneyland for a week, leaving tomorrow...[/quote]

What? George, you live in Fantasyland as it is. :flipoff2:

Have fun. Don't goose Minnie, or for that matter Micky either. :eek: :D
George, yeah, I knew that the tool probably wouldn't fit for those two right at the cross member but I've had no luck with the many ideas from others and my own fiddling. One problem I know is that the inserts I got don't have any knurling or ribbing on the outer edge so it already has a tendency to spin. None of the "tricks" to get it to stay put while a relatively short bolt is turned to compress it have worked. As you know there's only about an inch on the PS to work with. I'm close to either searching out ones that have some outer knurling or lifting the body off the frame ;) to get the tool to work. Please tell me that once those rivnuts are in I'm past the tough stuff...
Mike R
you can 5 minute areldite [glue.....powerful stuff :D] the nutsert, insert it, then tape it in place while you heat it with a heat gun or hair dryer to go off faster, then put a booger made tool on it to tighten it.
Mike, yeah, life is easy once you have the rivnuts in - actually with the right tool (costs <$10) it's easy enough to get the rivnuts in too - just a few minutes each.

Like I said, the tool I used had spurs to bite into the rivnut face (the part that sticks out) - those spurs stop the rivnut from spinning.


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