Aug 8, 2004
I know the manual reccomends replacing all instalation hardware, obviously bearings and seals are a must. But are things like pinion bolts a must replace? In reference to replacing 4:10 with 4:88.

I have talked to Slee, they stated during all services they perform, that they follow guidelines set by Toyota.

Of course I know folks who reuse the original hardware too. I'm getting varying opinions localy.

Should I follow the "better safe than sorry" approach and replace all items the manual suggests? Or, have folks here used the old stuff without issue?

This all boils down to cost in the end.


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Jan 29, 2003
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Pinion bolts, if you mean the pinion nut, I always use a new one. They aren't very expensive I know less than $5. I've always reused the ring gear bolts and nuts. I imagine they are very expensive. And I've reused the third member bolts too. Gasket and bearings I also use fresh ones.


Jul 12, 2005
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I ahve only resued the ring gear bolt over for my self and not customers. That said if the customer want to take responsibility for any damage if one of the 3-4 dollar bolts (12 in the rear (10 in the front)), then it could be a discussion to have.
So are you asking as a home mechanic and do not mind if you have to replace the R&P if something fails or you asking about a shop charging more for the bolts?
I know randy's will sell new bolts real reasonable (compared to toyota bolts). Aslo if your donor has lots of hard miles then I would also change the bolts. If the donor has easy miles I would consider using them.
Remember in a shop setting you need to limit any possiabilty of faliure and returns.
later robbie

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