Ring & Pinion manufactures ?

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Jul 7, 2007
Cape Town , SA
Searches reveal very old threads , so here goes :

I'm re-gearing from 4,11 to 4,56
Which gears should I get ? . Durability , quality etc

1. Yukon
2. Motive
3. Precision
4. Sierra

I have to import to Africa and since it is a lot of effort I might as well get the best. No need to get an supplier that ships international as I have a local who will bring it to me .
I would say yukon or the yukon value gears I have broken a lot of stuff around my value gears that are made by yukon but never had any trouble out of the gears themselves but if it is going to be daily driven then by all means yukon even if you have to wait
Thanks , seems I will be safe with either Motive or Precision . ( they cost the same as well )

A quick search of the advertisers on MUD reveals:
Downey offroad endorses Motive
Marlin Crawler endorses Yukon
Cruiser Outfitters Sierra and Yukon is offered
JustDiffs sell : Motive,Precision and Yukon
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im told my gears came from "randys ring and pinion" i have wheeled it pretty tough and done a few full throttle drops of the clutch:grinpimp: in 2lo 2hi 4lo and 4hi and had Zero problems so far.:clap:

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