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Apr 23, 2018
bishop ca
just pulled my head off to get a valve and put new rings in. I thought f2 have dome pistons. Mine has pop up pistons.

2F's up to late 1978?? had domed pistons, after that all 2F's had flat top pistons
Keep this thread busy. I’d like to see your process. Are you doing this at home, in your driveway, garage?
yes I'm doing at my house but the problem I have is that this engine was built but manafre back in the 90. Now if these pistons are not factory flat tops but pop up can factory ring fit?
Are you going to hone the cylinders too?
yes I'm doing at my house but the problem I have is that this engine was built but manafre back in the 90. Now if these pistons are not factory flat tops but pop up can factory ring fit?

*Usually* the aftermarket pistons are built to use stock rings. You can measure the ring lands and check. You’ll need the piston size to order new rings as well. It may be stamped into the head of the piston.
thank for the info on the rings I thought so but it always good to ask and yes I'm going to hand hone the cylinders. Im hoping that the piston size is stamped on the under side of the pistons because i haven't fond it on top of them if not i will measure them. This engine was sitting for 11 years before I started it. It smoked but just got worse as well as the blow by. I actually just thank I just have a stuck ring. The cylinder wall look great but if I have it apart ,valve job ,new rings and i'll look at the bearings and make that decision to replace but I doubt it no rod knock oil pressure is great.
Certainly non-stock pistons. Man-a-Fre's Hi-Po engines were built by Martin Davidson Automotive and FAIK they used Deves Piston Rings.
Just pulled pistons today just like I thought and more #2 piston had a stuck lower ring and the top ring was broken # 3 piston had a top broken ring. so that why it smoked and the blow by was so bad. The piston is stamped 375 for a stock bore hopefully. bearings, pistons and cylinder wall look good. Just need to get ring and the head freshened up. Does any one recommend a good head shop any where from reno to Los Angeles because I live the middle of BFE. I was looking on the inter web and was going to take it to a shop called head exchange. Reviews seem good been in business since the 70s
Are any of the piston tops clean? That's usually where the oversized is stamped/engraved. You wouldn't be able to read it through the carbon.

You can take your pistons & rings to the machine shop and let them measure and order the rings for you. Check out the shop @Spike Strip mentioned above. I understand they are very familiar with 2Fs and these particular pistons.
@burningoil , check out Keesler Machine shop right in Bishop. Been there for 25years, old school one man shop.
Standard oversizes are .50, 1.00, 1.50mm. Again, that is a weird custom aftermarket piston. It most likely is sized at 3.75" to allow the use of an inexpensive ring package from a domestic engine.
thanks spike strip call deven yesterday and order rings. They didn't have them on the shelf but are making them for me and i'll have them in a week. Just tested my head with a little diesel fuel and I going to need a valve job all most all my valves leaked



Try to stay away from engine mills, and be weary of your head exchange. I’d seriously consider running SBC stainless steel 1.50” exhaust valves and 1.84” intakes... using these valves rather than Toyota replacements eliminates the need to replace any guides or seats; just open them up to fit the fatter valves. You also get durability of stainless exhausts. You can run stock Camaro springs and a ford umbrella type of seal. Make sure the deck is flat but don’t mill for compression; just a seal. I’d also have the mani surface milled for flatness as well. Any good head shop can open up your head for the valves. Get a spring compressor and disassemble it, get the replacement valvetrain and take it all in...
received my rings from deves. Cleaned pistons and gap my ring .016 .Cleaned head and pan gasket off today going to put piston back in tomorrow hopefully and should be getting my head back from machine shop end of the week. the most puzzling thing is that the old rings had a gap of .067 way to big.



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