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dont think they would look much different than stock exept for better. i have dc-1 black on a vudoo blue fj . a freind put the same on his silver tundra looks good.
Thats what i mant dc-1 in black a frind of mine has them on his z-71 im going to see if he will let me put them on my fj they are both 6 lug ill get pictures when i do it!
I was looking at getting the DC-1 but changed my mind at the last minute and
went with the Cruiser alloy rims. I'm glad I did they look a lot better IMO.


What kinda rims are those and what size did you go with for them and the tires. Also did they all work with zero rub?
The Rims are Cruiser Alloy 926mb size 17x9 with a -12mm offset.
The tires are 305/70/17 (34/12.20/17). I have no rubbing issues at all.
I did the body mount chop a while ago and their is over an 1/2 inch of clearance between the inner tire and upper control arm.
This is the place I bought them from great prices and free shipping
I just tried to look into them but they are not on the website. What would the rims run each in that size? Also do they fit nicely inside the factory flares as in the off set is all good?

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