SOLD Rims & Tires for a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser (1 Viewer)

Oct 21, 2020
New England
I am a newbie to this world and very excited. I have just procured a 2001 Toyota LC that came with shoes that are a bit too small. I am not going to be doing a lift for a while. So, I am looking for some rims and tires that will fit without rubbing or making major mods. It will be used weekdays on paved roads and weekends on dirt roads. Not any hardcore off-roading. I have started doing some learning on what specs I will need to know in order to properly shop, but that is proving to be more involved then I originally thought. I am not super picky on the aesthetic and would lean more towards a great value. If you know specs of tires and rims offsets, width and all that other stuff, so it won't rub without a lift.... PLEASE share with me! Thanks for your consideration and time. Cheers

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