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Sep 18, 2003
I have read several posts and don't understand all the backspacing issues?
Can someone tell me if any of these will work on a 1987 60? if it needs a spacer which spacer?
I believe #2 and #3 are Tundra. #1 is stock 91-92 80. Thanks for any input.
I don't believe #1 is from an 80. That looks like a second generation 4runner/pickup wheel. The backset for these rigs is different than that found on a 60. It works OK to put the Cruiser rim on the pickup/runner but not vice versa. Someone else will need to chime in regarding spacers because I have no idea.
like they said above - all will likely need spacers to fit. There are 6.022 141 99 x 10 to 23rd number of posts on rims - look in the FAQ for some that have been used successfully w/o spacers, or ones specifically with "x" spacer.

3.5" BS is stock. Still depending on the rim it may need to clear the caliper - test fit is the best way. I used some washers to figure out how thick of a spacer i will need when i swap.


I am pretty sure all of those will need spacers. The two problems with finding wheels is the correct backspacing and clearing the calipers in the front. You can find the perfect backspacing for a wheel but mostly like it will not clear the calipers. If you are looking at used wheels, pull a front wheel off and ask them to check the clearance before buying them.
I just found these on Summit. 15x8", 6x5.5" bolt pattern, 2.5" backspace (-51mm offset). One inch less backspace than stockers, and they look very similar. These are what I'll be using. P/N is 75-5860R

Pic (just a representative pic. Nevermind the bolt pattern it shows):

I had really hoped to find alloy wheels with these specs, but no luck whatsoever.
2.5' Backspacing - Just Right?

The wheels above or the ones I found at Custom Wheels & Rims have 2.5' backspacing. From what I read, these seem to be just right for a 60 with the standard OME suspension. What do ya'll think? I'll be under my truck next month rebuilding the axles and putting on the OME. Thanks for the advice.
on top off all the tie rod back spacin issues the 2 and 3 wont clear the hubs :hillbilly:
So, what works?

Ok, I'm confused now. With 15x8 wheels, is there a standard back spacing that works or do I just have to try each model of wheel I want to get?
too much guessing is the problem here. If you don't know for sure don't just post.

The rims in #1 "could" be on the first years 80 series. My 91 FJ80 came with those. I have not tried them on my 60. But I have put my 60 series rims(non usa) onto the 80. didn't seem different.

Would they work, I don't know. But too many people here guess based on internet lore.
too much guessing is the problem here.... .

not a guess ....NONE of those wheels with fit with out spacer and 2 and 3 wont let you lock the hubs with out MAJOR machine work:cheers:
The general rule is that if the wheels were used on anything with IFS, they most likely won't work on a 60. Old school stuff, like wheels that fit Chevys with SOLID axles, usually will fit, but some of the OE Chevy wheels won't fit over the Toyota hubs. So after-market wheels that will fit an old Blazer will fit your 60. I don't think any of the wheels you have in the photo will fit a 60.
do you still have the stock rims?

I have stock-looking rims on mine - 15x8. they are "Unique" brand and I got them from the Local Big O tires. (kinda like Discount Tire).

All I did was say, "I need another rim like this". they pulled off the spare, measured backspace and a week later, the rim was in. I'd take it to a tire/rim dealer, look at their catalogs and ask them to get you rims to fit the 60. They should know what to order, measure, etc.

see pic.
Cardinal FJ60small.jpg
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