Rims and wheel spacers

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Feb 12, 2010
La Jolla, CA
I am restoring and rebuilding my 89 FJ62 and am considering adding 1 inch wheel spacers to add a little width to the footprint following an Old Man Emu lift upgrade. Does anyone else use wheel spacers? I am considering a larger rim and tire, perhaps 33's on a 16 or 17 inch rim. I have seen the sequoia rims on a 62 - looked OK - any other suggestions or options?

If you're buying new rims just buy them with less backspacing, and if you go wider you'll be out that much more anyways. That said I have stock rims with 1.5" spacers and have had no problems.
I'm running 15x10 wheels w/ 3-11/16" of bs. Deffinitely gives it a wider stance without rubbing. Click on the garage link under my avatar if you wanna check it out.
Thank you both for the input - Cruisifed, do you have a photo?
Thank you both for the input - Cruisifed, do you have a photo?

1" BL, 1.5" SL, stock rims, 1.5" spacer, 34x10.5 Swamper LTB's.

I have run spacers on 80's for years, just completed CruiseMoab and saw no real problems.

I have 1" spacers on my 62 with 80 series stock (16x8) steelies and 265/16's.

The 1" just clear the tips of the lugs and put the tires just out to the edge of the fender in the rear and about 1/2" past in the front.
1 inch spacers on my 62 for 5 years to fit the stock last gen Tundra 17". They have held torque very well. Don't go ch(j)eep.

Good ideas and photos...I will go with stock rims with the 32 x 10.5's that I have and add 1 inch spacers all around. I'll post up a photo in a month when the suspension work is complete.

Thanks again for all the input, I have had my rig since early 1990, 2nd owner bought ist with 7k miles - 152k miles now- she is just showing the 12 years we lived in Michigan in the way of a little rust and wear and tear.


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