rim/tire combos...need advice

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Nov 27, 2007
hey guys, so i tried a buch of searches and really coudln't find anything on rim/tire combos for the 80's. even the local dealer here couldn't get anywhere with his catalogues, either rims have been discontinued or the hub hole is too small..

but i found an online dealer and they suggested 2 rims that would work.

btw, i'm looking to get a 16" rim (but unsure about which tire size to get...maybe 265/75/R16's or is that too tall?) currently have stock 15" with 31x10.5R15s with **** tires.

here's what was given to me:

CarModifier ~ Your Canadian Tire & Wheel Experts=

CarModifier ~ Your Canadian Tire & Wheel Experts=

the first one has a -5 offset and the second one has 0 offset. is this a huge issue? i'm tryin to understand how the offset works, is it a measurement in what unit? percentage? is a +'ve offset mean that the tire will stick out more? potential for rubbing?

anyway, that's about all i could find in the 6 bolt pattern (x 139.7 or 5 1/2")

i would need the tires for mostly on road use (and some maybe 20% offroad use for camping and stuff) luckily i have an extra set of rims on winters which i'll move to the stock rims and maybe down the road i'll get more offroad tires on the other nicer 15" aftermarket rims.

any insight for this tire newb is greatly appreciated.

was told the yokohama geolanders were a decent tire? tonnes to choose from, not tryin to bust the bank either.

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