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I would swap the thermostat but on the rad cap...would it not only be an issue if the truck were boiling over at the radiator? Make sure the water pump is not leaking, or if it is fairly old I would consider swapping it out.

As noted in PM I've read where many people with 80's mod the fan clutch and are running some different radiator fan..
I've known of radiators caps loosing their rubber gasket and making the car overheat. Don't know how or why. Also, if the cap can't release at 15 psi (or whatever the cruiser cap releases at) then it's allowing buildup. The cap, not being for that radiator and not seated properly, may be preventing the blow-off. Do you have any coolant in the overflow tank?
There is coolant in the tank and it moves up and down with temp changes... I haven't looked real close to see if I am losing any but If I am its very little.

I am pretty convinced that its the new fan clutch and the TRD ringed fan giving me issues.. Those clutches apparently have a hard time keeping a stock rig cool off the shelf adding supper charger and my refusal to turn down the A/C isn't going to help that.

I was wondering most about the water pump.. Was worth my while to replace? It seems that if its not making any noise or leaking I should just leave it alone.

The Tstat and radiator cap are stupid easy and I knew they should have been done before (regardless of any issues). Besides I am still running green coolant and want to switch it over to red (after a good flush of course)

I am going to pull the fan clutch and mod it as well as throw a new cap on.

I am also ordering a phh work around kit and tstat.. Those are going most likely have to wait because we have a baby coming any day now and I need to focus on that..

Hopefully I can have the fan clutch done by the weekend and it will solve my issues but if it doesn't I still have the momma mobile to get me around (big pimpin)..
hey Tom down here in Auburn added the electric fan mod last week and LOVES it... A/C stays strong at long idle and temps are not creeping either... worth a look. It took him no time to do it.
That was one of the first things that I did to mine when I got it.
It's also the source many a criticism about my wiring skills... guess some have an aversion to wirenuts under the hood. I did leave about 5' of service loop in case I wanted to change anything..

If I could give any advice to a fellow 80 owner, it would have to be don't fall for the Super Charger ploy....
Yeah its nice power (when every thing is perfect) but it still isn't going to win any races and it complicates the system so much....
Cruisers are supposed to be simple and durable the Super Charger throws all of that out the window...
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a little theory on the the radiator cap...as the value in pounds increase relative to the pressure rating of the cap...so does the temp in which it would take the engine to boil over. You would certainly know if the engine boils over as you'll smell it and most likely see some smoke. You should also be able to smell coolant under the hood on a hot day if you have a serious leak.

On the water pump...yes if its not leaking and not making noise and not the OEM pump, then I would leave it alone unelss you can't rule it out.

I saw a thread where the guys on the 80 section with SC were griping about the TRD fan and where Dan at american toyota had alternative known solution.....some other radiator fan will replace that one...

job one... have teh coolint system pressure tested? The only thing about the radator cap is that one...it should be the proper cap to fit the radiato as to allowing the coolant overflow tank to work right and two it should be the proper design, as in the proper lbs rating. Check for oil in the collant and coolant in the oil just as a precaution.

If I had a SC 80, the fan clutch would have the "thick" fluid in it that some of hte guys out in the desert run. THe idea there is that teh thicker fluid makes the fan clutch work harder...or really not slip so much. Yes it will make more noise, but cooling issues would generally go away.
Well..... did the clutch mod yesterday it seems to be good for about 10 degrees .. it would still top out higher than I would have liked to see (i hit 202) but at idle it would drop right back down, I thought that was a little odd...
see what you can find out about the alternative radiator fan I mentioned. Its not the stock OEM one nor is it the TRD fan. Don't know how much difference it makes but I clearly recall some discussions on that ...in the 80 section. I belive Dan at American toyota was the source of the specific part and idea. as he has a SC 80 too from what I recall reading.

Radiator fan from a 4runner with 3.0 engine?


see some discussion here on this thread and I see where the part number is listed on the 4th or 5th post or so from Dan.
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I think that's right.... I have also heard of people using the 3fe fan... I busted my shroud trying to get it out (now held together with glue and duct tape) so Im thinking I might order a new shroud and fan. I am going flush and install a new tstat first... I think if I flush and use the right mix of red and water I will ne doing better than I am now (currently using green and water at with probably slightly more water than coolant)
I don't know what coolant was stock in 80's, but if its red I would run that, if not then the green stuff is good. I use 50 / 50 mix with distilled water if I have it around.
Parked.... the new clutch fluid kept it down to 202 tops.... still higher than the previous two summers and I think that it would give Me real issues on the trail....

I'm going to do a flush and tstat in a few weeks but we had our baby yesterday so everything is on hold for a while..
Thanks guys
good news on the additon...to the family.
Well did the PHH, tstat, rad cap, and a flush (I changed my green to red)...
I still saw the temp get up to 208 but I have to admit I was trying hard (running up and down as many hills I could find).
I'm going to stick with what I have for now. If I have issues off-road then I am going for the 3fe fan and shroud.. I might even vent..
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