For Sale Richmond, VA: 1999 LC w/ some mods - open to trade offers

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  1. 100 Series
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Hi y'all. Selling this 99 I bought a couple weeks ago, but am finding myself more and more wanting something older and preferably more red. I'm less in need of lockers/lift etc and feel this thing is hungry for a little more offroad than I might want to give it right now.

Looking for $13,000 OBO from mud. Also would field trades for a 60 or post '93 80, but I do really have my eye on a specific one here in town.

I love this car but it doesn't feel quite like the LC for me. 208k miles. Everything works. Heat blows hot and AC blows cold. Brakes have lots of life left in them. Tires are at about 60% tread. It is ready for an overlanding trip and 100k miles without any major maintenance. Buy this truck if you want a sturdy 100 series LC and don’t want to deal with the ~$10k of maintenance that myself and the previous owner put into it. Extremely capable off-roader as she sits.

Modifications to the car include a 2” lift, Old Man Emu front shocks, ARB front bumper, 31” Goodyear Wrangler tires on TRD Tundra wheels, and Yakima roof racks. It also has a full size spare underneath.

A TON of major recent maintenance has been done to the car. In the last 10k miles, it has seen:
-New timing belt & water pump @ 207k
-New radiator
-New Alternator
-New front shocks (Old Man Emu)
-New spark plugs
-New O2 sensors
-Drive shaft greased
-Oil change
-Front Alignment
-Thermostat & air filter done yesterday
-I will be fixing the front right CV axle joint on Tuesday as I’m hearing it click.

Virginia car for its life, strong evidence of solid maintenance throughout its life. I have been taking it to Willow Lawn service center in town for repairs and it gets the seal of approval there. It has the stock rear diff lockers and is center locked. Minimal surface rust on the frame and limited rust on the undercarriage. Doesn’t leak any oil and runs very cleanly & quietly. No check engine light or temperature concerns. Clean title. ABS light came on when I picked it up from the shop this week and I will have it remedied on Tuesday

The interior shows some general wear and the front seat cushions need to be reupholstered or recovered from another vehicle. Everything about the seats works but I figure I’ll leave it to the next owner to decide if they want to replace them or make their own choice in seat covers. Wood paneling bits show wear. Clear coat is going on the hood and roof of the car a bit. No rear seats. Rear locker is slow to engage. Various scratches and bumps around the exterior, most all can be buffed out.

I realize the bumper sits low right now. Selling it as-is. ARB told me it just needs another piece of mounting hardware to accommodate for the lift.

Cash only. Come see it in Richmond! Thanks y'all.




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Apr 19, 2022
Richmond VA
Some underside pics (it's been raining for the last 5 days and I want to get this posting up so they look a little messier than she sits)







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Jul 19, 2010
New Braunfels, TX
I might be interested in some sort of trade. What’s the deal with the front bumper?

Apr 19, 2022
Richmond VA
I haven't really been trying to sell it but it's available! Leaning towards trade for 60, 80, diesel preferred! Bump @ $13k.
Apr 7, 2015
I’m interested. What’s the story on the abs light? Brake booster?
Nov 2, 2010
Is this still available?

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