RHD, LHD tie rod difference???

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
I am wanting to purchase the man-a-fre 4+ tie and relay rods for my RHD BJ42 but in asking Man-a-fre they said they dont know if they are interchagible between RHD and LHD. Does anyone know if I can do this and use my RHD rod ends?

I cant see there being a difference...

all the tre rotate.

The tre's dont know what side their on.
No, you can't. The TRE with the extra hole for the drag link/relay rod (can never remember which is which) will end up facing behind the tie rod if you put a LHD kit on a RHD truck.

The other TREs will work, but I think the track and toe adjustments will need to be adjusted by turning in the opposite direction that the FSM tell you to.

I get my TRE kits from roodogs. Probably cheaper than Man-A-Fre, $96 USD (add shipping though): http://cgi.ebay.com/TOYOTA-LANDCRUI..._Accessories&hash=item20b532fda7#ht_759wt_698
Threading is opposite direction LHD vs LHD
I'm going to be changing the tie rod ends and all the wiggle joints on my RHD HJ45. I'd like to upgrade the tie rods at the same time. My stock ones are getting very rusty.

Does anyone know of a place to buy tie rods for a RHD 40 series? I'm also willing to buy the taps and make my own from solid bar if someone here knows the correct tap sizes.
As for the taps - there was another thread on here recently about some guy trying to make a run of tapped pipe inserts; I was intending to find the taps and triumphantly declare that his price was crap and anyone could make them themselves for a low low price.

... that was the plan, anyway. Those taps are a super oddball size, even before you consider that one of them is left handed. I looked at my usual vendors and struck out hard, even before I tried to find the left handed one. I'm thinking they're large enough to be machined instead of tapped but you'd need a good lathe.
I'll take my TREs to my friend's machine shop. he has a ridiculous number of specialty taps. He bought a few lots at auction from bankrupt machine shops.

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