Review: Trail Tailor Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

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Sep 18, 2013
After annoying Jason at Trail Tailor ( @reevesci )with a million questions and pricing request I bit the bullet and ordered a bumper.

I had a lot of ideas and request for my bumper.

Dual swing out
Tire carrier on the left
Ladder on the right w/ detachable cargo basket
Side guards with a certain angle
No cutting of the rear cross member

Jason emailed me pics as it went together so I could see exactly what I was getting and double check my choices. I can't say enough about how good the communication was during the whole build and shipping.

It arrived well packed and even survived a not so kind freight company driver.


I like what I see as far the quality of construction and welds. I'll be doing a test fit in the morning.
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Contact Jason for pricing.
2015-01-17 11.11.35.jpg

test fit complete, loosen the mounting bolts up and adjust it side to side. Fits TIGHT when you're first putting it on but once you get it in place there is a little wiggle room for adjustment.
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Jason's a hell of a good dude. I know I'm not supposed to give props to the competition but he does nice work. His 60 and 70 series stuff is excellent.
It looks great but he might not know right from left? Tires on left.....first post spec'd it opposite didn't it?
Being ambidextrous has it's disadvantages lol :hillbilly:
Thanks for the review Chi. It was a pleasure to work with you. Let me know if you have any questions.

It looks great but he might not know right from left? Tires on left.....first post spec'd it opposite didn't it?

"I would need a Double swing out with the spare on the LH (Drivers) side and the Ladder on the other with a cargo basket instead of the jerry can holder. Also I would like to stand the side hoops a few degrees more vertical if possible."

HA! this is is funny.. I think I got it right.... ;)

There isnt a better person to work with. Very satisfied with my order and Jasons quality work. Top notch!

Thanks @Spk217

Appreciate the orders guys.

must have profile shot...
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Let's get to the bottom line. What is the cost as you received it?

My price was part of a deal with a trade for some chromo axles + cash so you'd have to contact Jason for pricing.

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