Review: Morimoto XB LED Fogs (type T)

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Apr 10, 2003
Frederick, MD
Picked up a pair of Morimoto XB LED Fogs (type T) for my 2008 LX570 back in October 2014. Also installed a set of Morimoto HIDs to match since the 2008 LX did not come equipped with HIDs.

I contemplated on getting the Lexus OEM Foglight LEDs, but after searching online for some reviews regarding the OEM counterpart, results regarding illumination were not so promising.

Another alternative to stock foglight halogens were to simply put HIDs, but I do not like to blind people, especially on 2 way roads so I decided to go with the Morimotos foglight LEDs which are reasonably priced. I've logged at least 3500miles since installation and haven't had any issues. No water leaks, no fogging, no warming up/lagging in brightness in cold weather, and it complements the HIDs nicely.

Output is focused and narrow at close range (eg: 5-15ft) but the output widens as the beam projects further. The difference in illumiation between the Morimoto LED foglights were very noticeable when compared to the stock halogen low beams. The Morimoto HID low beams in a projector housing are so bright that they now drown out the illumination however, the LED fogs do help with the illuminating the sides as intended. If you have HID low beams, I would suggest this as a nice upgrade.

The 4 screw holes on the Morimotos don't align perfectly to the OEM holes but I got 3 screws on both driver and passenger sides to bite without modification.

I wanted to note that pictures were taken with my iphone and the exposure rates were not fixed therefore "LED fogs on" vs "LED fogs off" the illumination appears a little exaggerated. Nonetheless, great product.

Link for reference to the product:

DS stock lowbeam vs LED fogs and PS HID lowbeam.JPG
DS LED foglight on.JPG
LED fogs off.JPG
LED fogs on.JPG
Facing HID lowbeam and LED Fogs.JPG

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