Reverse lights on, R indicator on Dash ON, won't turn off, after water crossing

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Mar 22, 2010
OK, Spent the weekend in Ouray having a ball, but lots of puddles and river crossings due to rain. We went through one river crossing Saturday and my R dash indicator light came on, trail partner told me at the same time that my reverse lights are on. This happened once before after a water crossing, but went off after an hour or so. It's been 2 days and 400 miles since it turned on, not going off.

I crawled under and found 2 connectors going into the transmission, pulled both and cleaned them, didn't fix it.

What could get water in it and short out the shifter indicator. Where else should I look. Once found, it's an easy fix. No other issues, transmission working normally and other indicators are normal. Haven't been into the tail/brake/turn lights at all recently, no LED's just factory type bulbs....

Need a place to look. I'm sure it's a little water in a connector, but not sure where I shuuld be looking.

Any help, thanks.
What connectors? At the trans? Check the ones near the starter that go to the trans harness.
OK, At the trans housing, On the driver side I find 2 small connectors 2-4 wire type. Both checked and cleaned. On the passenger side, there is another small 2-4 wire connector and a large 10-12 ish size connector that is directly above the shift linkage. All taken out, cleaned, put back. Lights still on. (guessing, didn't actually count any of the connectors, just describing them)

Copy @slow95z, looking near starter going to trans harness next.
UPDATE: I have chased every wire and connection from the transmission forward. Couldn't get them to turn off.

I found out in passing that if I turned my Marker Lights off, the reverse indicator turns off... Clue Scooby, big clue.

Then I find that when I put the truck in Reverse, the marker lights and my LED driving lights turn on.... another clue scooby. We are going to solve this mystery.

Trailer wiring harness at rear frame crossmember near the passenger tail light, unbundled everything, find a bare wire that is grounding the negative switch circuit for the reverse lights to the positive switch circuit from the trailer marker/headlight wire.

Mystery solved. Weird issue, hope someone someday can learn from my experience.

Thanks MUD.

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