Reversal of the Shackle Reversal

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Oct 31, 2011
Tampa, FL
Purchased in 2011/2012 and after a ton of online research convinced myself that my 1970 FST needed a shackle reversal for a number of reasons. None of those reasons make any sense to me now, but that's how it went. I've got a build thread where I did other stuff that got reversed. I guess it's kind of my thing.

I bought the MAF kit with Mojave springs (I actually received 2 pass side shackle hangers but we really with it.) A buddy did a great job with the installation and @cruiserjunktion was there every step of the way.


I hadn't taken the time to get the front driveshaft lengthened, and hadn't had the truck long enough to truly know if the SR made a difference concerning driveability. I was immediately convinced I did something that didn't need to happen, so I've been waiting to dive into this project for about 6 years! It's been a slow lurch towards something that more closely resembles stock. This project is one of the biggest bites.

So here we go.


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I’ve procrastinated so long now that I’m ahead now :D

I planned to do one 20+ years ago when they were the rage... when I saw people remove them I decided to save my money.
We have since moved to Tampa and I've got a different buddy that I ride road bikes (edit: bicycles) with who works for Feld Entertainment on the Ffb/maintenance crew of Grave Digger, the Monster Truck. He came over with his tools and got to cutting.

Sat April 6 Driver's side
Picked this corner at random. Used original shackle hangers and spring perches that came off the first time.
  1. Got frame & axle on jackstands, removed springs from truck and axle
  2. Cut front SR hanger off and got everything smooth.
    • Some big swings of an 8# hammer were involved. There will be a video.
  3. Grinded the area smooth.
    • We went super slow and took our time. Had cut the 2-3" factory frame weld from bottom of the frame rail but that got fixed up later
  4. We cleaned up the OEM shackle hanger and tacked it in the right spot. It still had a little post of rivets that went right into the original holes.
  5. We had the heat turned up on the new fancy 110 Lincoln and it actually moved (rotated) the hanger about 1/16 of an inch clockwise when we put a bead on the inside. Maybe should have moved a tad slower but the heat really made a big impact. We stared at it for a while and tried a few things, consulted some people, then just put a clean bead on the outside (with the right amount of heat). Turned out great and rotated the hanger back out a bit. Here's some pics
  6. 8F40AC58-56F4-4436-84A3-EE8278713A92.jpeg
  7. A5123F9A-443C-4F8B-89A7-B0F46BE6B9AE.jpeg
  8. F05447F7-5AB2-4404-B316-BDD68D34B95F.jpeg

  9. 968DC86C-CC3B-4E71-BB7B-1D628338FA88.jpeg

  10. 8F25E5C3-CF51-466E-9470-F471E2D23E83.jpeg
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Be sure to take the plugs out of your tie rod ends and install grease fittings so you can put some grease in there. They need it!
Be sure to take the plugs out of your tie rod ends and install grease fittings so you can put some grease in there. They need it!

Super advice! In all honesty they have less than 100 miles on them, as does entire truck. But that sure does make preventative greasing a breeze. I'll get it done. Thanks again.
This process continues! My buddy and his dad will be coming over this weekend to get this process going again. I've got the OE hangers prepped and ready for welding.


Also ordered the Ultimate OME light duty kit from @cruiseroutfit for my 40th bday. Getting the 40 done for my 40th. HA! Bryce At Cruiser Outfitters is awesome and that whole operation is so top-notch. Can't thank them enough. Pics will follow, along with details of the install, once I receive the order.

And because I have to have a couple things going on at the same time, I'm driving into restoring my OE front seats. Blasting then priming and painting (Duplicolor SS100 based on popular votes.) I've got covers from Cruiser Corps which im super excited to get on too! More to come on that!


Edit: Almost forgot, big thanks to @cruiserjunktion for reading through all my plans via text message!
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We did some work today! Got the SR hardware removed and surfaces cleaned up. Bolted the OE spring hangers on the chassis and tacked them up. Made some adjustments and got them flush and welded solid onto the frame! A couple of the welds are not the prettiest but they are solid and it's what Mr. T intended to be there.

All ready to install the OME front end suspension, roll the truck forward 5 ft and do the rear. So freakin


Making stuff look pretty, getting ready to install the OME components.





I am seriously considering doin the same thing on mine. Never been totally convinced on the shackle reversal, the PO had done it.
I completely agree! I really just do some light "wheeling" (more like service roads) and want more stockness. I wasn't really upset with the function of my SR, I just overdid it as usual! :rolleyes::rofl:
I am wanting the stock setup and lower ride height as well.

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