reusable oil filters

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Apr 24, 2003
after getting the HJ on the road again (now no longer mine, it's officially my brothers), i figured that it was time for preventitive maintanance, the oil filter looks to have seen better days, it's a reuseable one, but is there somewhere to get another for next time? searched most autodrone type stores.

there a pain in the ass on the H engines, cause the nut holding them on is under the air box, and the alternator is directly in front of it. also there's a rim around the canister, which catches on the side when retightening, meaning it doesn't seal too well ( found that out the hard way)
what type of re-usable is it? the stainless steel mesh type? because i didn't know that they made re-usables in the same style as the cardboard standards?

maybe u should just use the standard cardboard ones instead. They are reasonably cheap and do a pretty good job.

i don't know, i was told it was a reusable filter in it when i went to buy a new filter for it. the guy at repco, and the guys at the other generic ones said that

now i feel like a dick head
could you find a remote mount type oil filter and use a spin on filter?
[quote author=3_puppies link=board=1;threadid=5009;start=msg38532#msg38532 date=1062871047]
could you find a remote mount type oil filter and use a spin on filter?
[/quote]Good call. Remote filters also add some oil cooling properties. 8)
I have one of these things in my garage, I just thought disposable was worth the $. I could not find any info on mine. It is called a "system 1" and the only other identifying info was the patent number, It has an aluminum housing and a stainless steel filter mesh/screen but does thing filter as much out as a decent quality disposable? Anybody got any info? Kief.
well that'll teach me, i went to the RYCO filter website, and looked it up, it turns out it is a replacable filter, it was just so trashed it looked like a reusable (mostly metal, no paper remained) good thing i didn't start it.

went to auto drone store, quoted part number, they handed it over... i feel really bad now :(

please someone flame me for being so stupid. i deserve it :'(
it was R2374p

for the H series 6 cyl diesel, it's just a replacable insert for this chunky metal canister (and has the gasket that had been missing for ages, and finally stopped the leak)

more embarrasing info, when screwing down the outer metal canister, it didn't line up properly and i didn't notice, so dad cranked it, and it spurted oil everywhere oops :)
hehe, that'll learn ya. You'll never do that again.
no, no i will not do that again.

hasn't leaked a drop for 4.5 weeks and counting

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