Restoration in progress, need some help, High Springs

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May 12, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Hey everyone,

My Fiancé and I have a 1988 fj62, in Champaign. It runs currently, the interior is actually in very good condition, all original, but there are some issues mechanically.

We live in the High Springs area, and were wondering if there are any good mechanics in the greater Gainesville area? for the moment, we need some auto transmission work, it shifts from 1st to 4th skipping 2nd & 3rd. if you physically shift the gear lever it will shift smoothly, from one gear to the next, but left to it's one in Drive, it will shift to 4th, and read line the engine before landing there. it was shifting fine a year ago, then one day simply developed this issue. Any ideas on this issue would be helpful.

We're also interested in a full restoration mechanically, and eventually the addition of a roof rack, possibly snorkeling the intake and exhaust, etc. We're just curious if there is anyone you could recommend for the area. we're read the other forums, and there are several recommendations for the Tampa area, and one mechanic in GA, but we were hoping for someone closer if possible.

tranny work

I have a name/number for you for a mechanic who does tranny work on side and is very good.

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