(Resolved) Noise like driving on a rumble strip when turning left.

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Jul 11, 2017
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hi all.
As per the title, when I am turning left (approx. above 30KPH) on a fairly sharp turn, I hear this noise that sounds like you are driving over the rumble strips on the side of the road.
It is coming from the front left of the car.

It started last week, and is consistent when turning fairly sharply, but makes no noise whatsoever when driving straight, turning gently left, or turning right.
Previous to noticing this last week, I had noticed the slightest drone had developed around 70KPH from the front.

Its a 2003 UZJ100R, stock, with 240,000 KM.

I assume its the wheel bearings, but I thought I'd ask for advice just in case.

I hope its not the front CV joints, they do click occasionally when turning at slow speeds but still seem serviceable, for a while at least.

I read through heaps of pages on these forums, but could not find any specific details that related to the same sort of noise.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
Hi, and thanks for the replies.
@janz3n: I'm running standard 275/70/16 tyres, which I believe are the standard size, and have had them on for 6 months or so.
I did consider something may be rubbing on some component, but I had a look underneath and I can't see any signs of wear/rubbing on the wheel, rim, or other components. I will double check though, thanks.

@riffman12 They don't always click, just occasionally, when I'm turning full lock from a stop, etc.
But yes, I realise that means that they are on the way out.
Do you think they could be the cause of that noise though?
OK, I still haven't had the cash or time to sort this out.
Today however, there is a change in symptoms.

The noise, which used to only be when turning left, is now audible, albeit a little bit quieter, when driving straight, and seems to go away almost completely when turning left.

I'm still assuming wheel bearings, but I was wondering about the axle spindle bearing, if that's what its called, and bush, that's on the inside side of the steering knuckle?
Can that be replaced without removing the hub?
If so, I'll do the wheel bearings asap and see how it goes, but if the whole lot has to come out, I might as well order them as well.
Thanks for any advice.
OK, just an update.
The front left upper ball joint and wheel bearing were bad.
I've had them replaced, and now need a wheel alignment, but its driving fine.
The steering rack was also loose.
The right hand wheel bearings and ball joints also seem fine, although the wheel bearings were loose.
Repacked with new grease, and seem fine.

The upper ball joint was in really poor shape... lots of ground metal, score marks, etc.
I'm waiting on a set of tie rod ends (they're also dodgy), before getting the wheel alignment...

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