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Dec 18, 2020
Seattle, WA
Howdy! I need to get my 2008 TLC a rebuilt title (I'm in WA, that's a thing here). Previous owner slid it off the road and tipped it on it's side. Nothing super major, mostly cosmetic damage to the exterior. But side curtain air bags deployed and 3 seatbelts are locked up, which of course will need to be addressed before it can be considered rebuilt.

Obviously I'll need to:

- Disconnect battery, make sure all residual amps in vehicle circuitry fully drained.
- Pull SRS computer, send it in for reset.
- Pull affected seat belts, send them in for reset/rebuild.
- Reinstall SRS comp, seat belts and replacement airbags.

But is there anything else I'll need to do? In the factory service manual I see there is a "PRE-COLLISION: SEAT BELT CONTROL ECU". I know there are also individual air bag/SRS sensors. I'm guessing there may be other things I need to address with resets, rebuilds or replacements....or maybe not and the above list will cover it. Please advise! Thanks fellas!
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