Replacment Engine #2

Dec 1, 2003
Western North Carolina
First off, I want to say thank you for the tremendous response and help you guys offered towards my first post on this site. :cheers:

Secondly, I am going to keep the current 2F Engine instead of replacing it with the standard V8, but my question to you is:
With my somewhat limited experience, do you think I can pulloff an engine replacement alone? (Maybe a freind or two).
Also, what should I be warned about before attempting to do this. Thanks.


Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
I think you need to define what you are calling an engine replacement.
I assume this does not mean building the one you have(if you have one)

Are you getting (or planning on) a complete 2F? or getting one that requires some rebuilding? It also depends on you and your friends experiance level.

I had a rod go through the block in my 73 FJ40 in college. I replaced the engine over several weekends with some friends. A couple were very knowledable about engines. We also took the head to ashop to have it planed and adjusted the lift rods (Sorry if I called them the wrong name). If memory serves me, the hardest part was getting the distributor installed and adjusted correctly. Seemed like it took forever to get it right.

I could not have done any of this with out an engine savy friend who was well worth the beer, food and etc.

Hope this story helps!
Jun 3, 2003
Fernley, NV
Hey there! Well, I've done it and it was my first time. I put the motor in myself, and the only thing I can say is this: Take off as much of the front of the truck as you can. I have an FJ55 so that isn't as simple as on an FJ40. I just pulled the radiator and the hood latch support, and another body piece. When I removed the motor, we pulled it along with the tranny/transfer. NOT that easy. But I did it, with a bit of help. Putting in the 2F that was replacing it was dead simple. So, I'd say pull the tranny/transfer, and yank the motor in a heartbeat. It won't take very longreally!

HAVE A GOOD ENGINE HOIST! I've seen the results of one that has bent under the weight of the 2F. Be prepared to have tons of room in front of the truck, at least 10 feet, to get the engine out. They are long!

Anyway, if you need any specific advice let me know :D
Dec 4, 2002
A few friends never hurt, if something crashes in the garage you can tell your wife it was one of them.

I have pulled and put in a few of these in FJ 40s. I would suggest taking the hood (duh), both front fenders. and the bib and grill off.
The easiest way to pull it is everything, Engine, trans, and transfer. all in one shot. its heavy but the easiest way to do it.
Pull the engine and everything so it is free swinging in the engine compartment. then roll the frame and rest of the body out from under the engine. I would not suggest trying to roll the engine hoist at all! That is asking for trouble. I was able to do this and set my engine and everything down in a Sears Lawn mower cart with a 1000 pound capacity. the end of it hangs out about two feet or so. but it is much easier at that point to inspect everything and degrease it if needed and move it around in the garage.

Installation is the reverse of the removal.

I can shoot some pics of the motor and stuff in the cart if anyone needs them.
May 15, 2003
Take pics before and during the removal. Always nice to have when putting it back together.

My $.02

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