Replacing stock horn

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Feb 6, 2009
Long Island, NY
my factory horn(believed to be anyway) sounds like a cat with a tightly wrapped noose around it's neck. i wanted to replace it with a used late model japanese horn that i could on the cheap at a junkyard. something a little more... STRONG. can just swap it out, or does the wiring need to be redone, or.........

thanks in advance for any assistance.
I couldn't stand the Beep Beep sound either. I didn't go the junkyard route. I purchased a Fiamm El Grande horn set and it sounds great. If you want to go the junkyard route, I wouldn't go Japanese. Get something from a Callilac or other large American car. It is a classier sound.
Mel Lowe put in horns from a Caddy, I think. Gave me goosebumps. Japanese horns belong in econo-boxes.

he had to use relays, though...
Use the relays (search) and use something fitting for a 60 series. I use '68 Bonneville horns ($5 at the junkyard) rather than the "meep-meep" import horns.
I used a pair of horns scrounged on a jy Suburban, along with the relay previously mentioned.
Now it sounds like something you'd want to pay attn to.
Hella Supertone horns. Really loud and very irritating. That's the point isn't it.

I bought some hi-lo tone horns from Harbor Freight. They look like stock American type horns. They're much louder than the stock horns, but not quite as loud as the Caddy horns. The package comes with a relay to. Paid around $6.00 for the horns, plus wire.

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