Replacing LX470 seat with one from RX300?

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Apr 1, 2019
Tacoma, WA USA driver's seat has no heat and the memory settings don't work. It looks a little bit different from the passenger seat. I think the guy before me replaced the driver's seat with a bargain basement seat. The adjustment buttons on the seat itself work OK. Replacement LX seats are expensive as hell. I can find RX300 seats at local wrecking yards, but not LX/LC. How hard would it be to put an RX300 seat on the LX rails?
If you suspect a seat swap, watch eBay for an original. A quick check with TechStream will show if the driver memory options are active, or even present. When I redid the leather on mine I had big issues with my original driver seat and bought a salvage unit on eBay. I found out it was from a non memory truck when my driver memory no longer worked. I had to swap the seat control unit from my original seat to the new one, to get the functionality back. Which the seat heat, I would be looking for a disconnected wire.
Hmm...I do have the OBD/USB dongle with Techstream on my laptop. I'll have to fool around with it. I'm just afraid I'll click the wrong thing and brick the truck. I think the guy before me was a meatball mechanic and did his own work. I hope he didn't "fix" too many other things. I have to get rid of the little DVD player screen he stuck to the headliner so I can get my dome light back.
Check out the classifieds section in Mud, they have some 100 part out threads. Most of them are tan interiors.
It is also possible to go much more aftermarket with a Planted bracket. I have a Recaro Specialist M in my 100. The biggest upside is that I sit lower than I could with the stock seat. The best description I can offer is that I feel like I am within the vehicle now and more connected than I did with the OE seat. For reference, I am 6'0" with a long torso. My head almost touched the roof with the OE seat all the way down. The ONLY issue that I can see as a possibility, is that there isn't a height adjustment any longer. That ultimately isn't a huge issue for me.

Any photos of your Recaro, @gungriffin ?

I don't have any right now, but I will snap a photo tomorrow. The fit looks almost identical to Spressomon's seat in his 100. I just got back from wheeling all day and I am feeling good. Only a few hours in the stock seat and I had really bad back pain. My seat is grey and I have found that the looks have grown on me


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