replacing fj40 seats

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Feb 5, 2009
can you give me some advise ? i want to change my seats.i have camaro seats in there now. i want to put in different bucket seats. i m wondering what seats fit in there best ( other than the oem seats, funny people) . i also dont have a rear seat, but want to put in a bench seat, please help!!!!:bang:
Dodge and Chevy Van seats are simple and easy to use, so are the Beard seats---check them out at the "Red Art" website. Normally you'd build a seat bridge over the tool box and gas tank. If your tall like me you'd want to mount your seats lower so that you are not looking out the windshield at wiper blade level. Us tall guys remove the stock tank and go with the rear auxiliary as our one and only tank for that reason---to mount the seats lower.
I have closed my tub off and converted my amby doors to a hatch top from a 74 and have a forward facing seat in the back.

I'm converting to swivel seats out of a 75 monte Carlo (with wetsuit covers) will allow passengers to get to the back.

Climbing over the stockers just wasn't an option.
check the FAQ's.....
Dodge Neon seats from a salvage yard. $65 for the set.
'91 Honda accord seats weld to the original seat brackets, sort of. And they, what do they call that? Flip and fold? Slide and fold? Whatever, if you flip the lever on the outside bottom or inside top of the seat (as a passenger in the back would) the back of the seat flips forward and the whole seat slides forward on the rails. Well, since I had to just slightly flex the mounting brackets to weld them in place they don't slide on their own that well, but a little push slides them all the way forward.

I'm the opposite of Downey. He's tall so he moved his seats down and back. I'm short (5'8") so mine are raised (about an inch) and slightly forward or original. A tall person would probably have trouble driving mine.

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