Replacing crank pulley..

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May 12, 2011
Dallas, TX.... fer now
I recently bought an 84 fj60 and everything has been great on it so far, with the exception that the crank pulley nut backed itself off. i'm assuming from a previous repair in which it wasn't torqued/locktite'd down. anyway i managed to get the pulley off with a puller. crankshaft and gear is not damaged the pulley is cracked tho. and now i have all my new parts/seals, still waiting on the pulley. i have the toyota repair manual that shows the tool to press the new pulley on and found it online for about 90 bucks. i was just wondering if any other method has worked for pressing the pulley back on besides using this tool. i will get it if need be but just thought i'd start posting on the site and see what happens. any help would be much appreciated.
No, you don't need that to re-install the crank pulley. It's a snug fit, but it will just slide on with a little persuasion from a large socket and a mallet. You may need to clean the snout up bit. If it's tight, leave the pulley in the Sun for a bit to heat it up ... Is the key-way good ?

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