Replacement Radiator Hose and/ or Clamps

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Jun 19, 2007
My cheap home depot hose clamps have cut into my radiator hose and now it has started leaking (had to over-tighten to stop leaking in the first place).

Will replace the hoses and clamps, but I am wondering if anyone can make suggestions for the very best replacements.

Might get the hoses from SOR unless someone can make a better suggestion...braided stainless steel prehaps :)

unsure on the hose clamps. I have read a few suggestions in the forum for "Type 316 Stainless Steel Smooth-Band Worm-Drive"

Would the constant-tension t-bolt work better?

what about spectre hose clamps or a compression fitting?

suggestions please. I only like to get the very best for my 40
yes, available at Napa

the bends are different for early and later models
Thank You for the response.

1978 fj40...I'll check with napa.
OE is available... I bought a complete set last fall along with the clamps from CDan.
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