Replacement Brake Cylinders Don't Fit?

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Jan 10, 2010
Kodiak, AK
I am doing a rear brake job on my 62. I am replacing everything from the backing place forward.
Anyways, I picked up replacement cylinders from Napa. When I went to install them, I discovered that they didn't quite fit into the original hole in the backing plate.
The replacement cylinders are about 1/8 of an inch too big.
Should I take them back, or do I just need to file a bit off the backing plate to make them line up?
Also, the OEM toyota cylinders had these slotted brackets to mate up with the brake shoes. The replacement one doesn't. Do I need to remove the bracket from the old cylinder and screw it into the replacements?
Wrong ones. Take 'em back.

Aisin brand is OEM, if you wanna spend the dough.
Thanks for the quick reply. I just ordered them. Thankfully I discovered this on a Monday so I can get the new ones before the weekend.

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