Replaced throttle cable this weekend...

Sep 17, 2003
Edmond, OK
Well, I took the time to replace my nasty, outer casing rotting off, rusty -- but still functional -- throttle cable this weekend. Not a difficult job you'd think, huh?

It kinda is. And the hard part is those two bolts under the dash at the pedal. Oh, don't be fooled... They come out easily enough. But going back in is a real pain in the ass up under the dash. Yeah, you warned me C-Dan ::)

Here are some observations and tips for doing this maintenance job...

1.) Yank the new one out, no problem. Before putting in the new one, meditate and bring patience upon onself. You're gonna need it for those two bolts :D

2.) While you have the cable out, take the pedal assembly out too. Pull off the "E" clip, clean and lube the pivot generously, reinstall. Mine was completely dry :eek:

3.) You have to take the intake tube off to be sure the throttle cable is adjusted right, so you might as well take some throttle plate and intake cleaner spray and clean that butterfly and intake up good. Mine had this dark Karo syrup lookin stuff all along the bottom of the intake leading up to the butterfly.

4.) My new cable didn't "fit" in all the clips the old one did, so I left it out of the one on top of the intake tube and the first one right out of the firewall. This seems to give it a more straight path to slide.

My overall impression is that it DID make a difference in smoother throttle response. Lubing the throttle pedal assembly made a HUGE difference. I also found that the old cable was not adjusted quite right. However installation of the new cable DID NOT change my tranny shifting problem :mad: That was made a little better with an adjustment of the transmission cable. It was kinda taught when at idle, so I loosened it up just a tad. The tranny seems to kick down just a bit quicker now and I'm pretty happy with it. I may tweak it some more down the road, but for now it's okay. :cheers:

That's all from the cheap seats... Till next time gentlemen. Fear not working on your 'Cruiser -- you can do it.



Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
thanks for the l post Jody. It's good to get aftermath reports like this. These jobs are daunting for the non-wrenches among us.

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