Replaced Steering Hose, Now Pump Sounds AWFUL???

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Apr 25, 2005
Austin, TX
My power steering pressure hose was leaking, so I bought an OEM relacement and new Al washer. The bolts were hard to get out, but I eventually got them. Actually, the Pressure Port Union loosened when I removed the Union Bolt, but I torqued everything back to spec (except the pressure feed, but I don't think it's leaking).

Well, I bled it per FSM (twice), but it sounds terrible when I turn the wheel at idle. Any ideas what went wrong? It never made noise before. I refilled with Castrol Domestic Multi-Vehicle AFT Dextron III/Mercon. WTH?????
it sounds like air in the system but I know you flushed 2x... does the fsm procedure tell you to turn lock-to-lock as part of the bleed?
maybe you have some air in there still
Yep, I filled the reservoir and turned it lock to lock 5 times (cap off) while lifted and eng. off per FSM, then lowered it and ran if for a few minutes before turning the wheel (cap on). I hate turning the wheel with the engine running since it groans so bad. It's foamy after running it and I think it's leaking a bit where the pressure hose bolts to the pump. I'm not sure what to try next.
Mine did the same thing after I rebuilt it. When I turned it lock to lock with the engine running (and wheels off the ground) it made a really load groaning noise.

I thought I had jacked up the rebuild so I shut it off and took a break. Came back 30 minutes later, tried it again, and the noise was gone. Its been silent and leak free for over a year now.

I think when there is air in the system the fluid must foam so that even with a full reservoir you still get noise. Letting it sit gets rid of all the foam.

Just did mine about two weeks ago. What i did was jack the trk up. With the engine off but ign on. I went lock to lock slowly several time. prob 6 each side. after about 3 times i ck fluid. Filled as needed. Then i started the truck and did the same going lock to lock. Worked like a charm. No noise and no bubbles...
Air in the lines. Don't drive your truck like this. Here's the same advice that I've given to everyone else who has this problem. Worked for me when the FSM method did not:

to bleed, do this: fill the system to proper capacity, jack up the front end, slowly turn wheel from lock to lock about 10 times (engine off). Watch the fluid level to make sure you don't suck in more air. Put the lid back on lightly and let it sit for an hour or so. Repeat this process like 3 times. Have a friend watch and once you get to the point where there are no air bubbles coming up in the reservoir and the fluid level remains constant, you can be pretty sure you've bled it properly. It should be OK to drop it and start the engine now. Turn the wheel lock to lock a couple times and listen for moaning.

Let me know how it works!
Thanks, but I tried that bleed procedure at least eight times. And I have a drip from where the hose bolts to the pump. After looking at the FSM, I see an o-ring on the pressure port union that I don't remember seeing when the PPU unthreaded inadvertently. I ordered a new o-ring and gasket. I'm gonna pull the hose back off the pump, look for a torn up o-ring that may have fallen off, install new o-ring/gasket, ,button it back up and rebleed. If that doesn't work... I'm throwing in the towel and taking it to the shop. I don't want to overtorque the banjo bolt or pressure port union and really screw it up. Thanks for all the responses.

confession... I drove about 50 feet (in a straight line).

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