Replaced MFD NAV Screen.. Still Broken

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Jan 26, 2012
Fort Myers, FL
I posted in a previous thread when my touch screen on the MFD went dead. It was due to a crack from a suction mount that had been affixed to the screen by the prior owner. I replaced the screen & digitizer with a new Toshiba part, and everything was fine again... until about 2 weeks ago.

The issue started about 15min after I washed the Cruiser at one of those self- pressure washing coin machines. I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence, or somehow related. I should add that I have a back-up camera mounted on the rear bumper jerry can carrier. I thought something could have shorted out. basically, the screen was black, with vertical lines through it. Occasionally it would flicker into a different pattern. After a day or two, the screen would temporarily function normally again, but always return to the lined screen eventually. It seemed that something needed to dry out, but after a couple weeks, the problem persisted.

I decided the first step (after just inspection the wiring) was to try a new screen. Perhaps it was premature failure, and I had had luck the first time.
I just installed the new screen tonight, and much to my disappointment, the problem is still there. However, now the screen is just scrambled, rather than completely out, and the touch functions work. Since the displayed image is different, could it be that I just got another faulty screen, or is there something else in the system that is broken?

Appreciate any input from you guys. Attached are two pictures. The black and red lines are prior to the replacement tonight, and the second is tonight after I put the new screen in.


You have a broken circuit board, connector or solder joint.
When it bounces around it makes connection and all is well, when it bounces it makes partial connection, no get the idea. need to find the broken connector/joint.
With the unit out of the dash but plugged in you can wiggle connectors and see what happens. But in all honesty this is probably best left to a pro.
There are places that repair these for a living, they can be found online.
If you have a computer repair shop in your town ask if they work on these, also ask your local phone/tablet repair place. I found one who’s lead tech was dying for something more challenging to work on.
Also the local tech center/school. Place a ad on Craigslist...or just buy a used unit.
I'd unplug everything under the seat, and the center console dvd changer, all at the units themselves, before I unplugged anything behind the screen since you were just there. If you've never looked, the television ecu is at the bottom of the pan. All those screws go right through the bottom pan of the truck. The TV ecu is very much connected to the nav ecu. You don't say how you connected or moved the camera, or used a newer one spliced in.

My stock camera died a few months ago, that or the transistor I was using. But just yesterday I installed a new 12v cam and ran wires.
I thought it was the park neutral switch but it wasn't.

I'd probably take off and unplug the side vents also.

clean all the fuses, even if they look good. You might just find some with that brown red crap on them.
Then I'd drive around for a while with the passenger seat out. Just because I'm lazy and it feels better to stretch that work out for a few days. Glove box door also. I'd be trying to get the screen to work with minimal inputs.

you've probably already done some of that. But that is how far I would go before I took out the board behind the screen or entertained the idea of a 450$ used one.
Although I have sold two sets of the center screen assembly and both times it fixed whatever the buyers issue was, that's a good bit of money for a maybe fix.

I've never had water intrusion on the side fuse blocks like people talk about. But you never know.
If you go the, buy a used center assembly route you could ask the people in the non nav thread. If I had one sitting here I'd send it, but they sell pretty fast. The used parts dealers want way too much money for one.
I'd probably search out a friend and see if he'd let me swap center sections for a fee. I'd probably approach a stranger and offer 100$ for 60 minutes.

and of course it could be the pcb and you know that run around issue. Then if you could find someone to swap to verify with you could send yours off or buy another. At least then you're more sure of the problem.
Lots of people have wasted spent serious money on that center section.
When mine went south it was because I broke a connector, but my screen looked similar to yours after I broke it.
I replaced my screen with a brand new one, unplugging the old one is when I broke the connector.
Took it to all of the places I mentioned and they could not repair it because I broke part of the board.
Bought a used unit from a “switching to non nav” guy.
It was $550 shipped.
Swapped over the broken part keeping all of my original parts, problem solved.
My screen just cracked for some reason the other day, and you can physically see where it has a minor crack. The MFD unit was working flawlessly before this crack occurred, now it still works, but the buttons respond to the touch about 1 inch over from where they are on the screen, so I assumed the crack caused this.

Where and how do you buy just a new screen? I am somewhat handy at this type of stuff, so I could probably handle it myself if I can buy the correct components.


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