Replaced cracked air intake hose on my BJ60

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May 1, 2008
45°34' N 122°38' W
I had a major crack in the hose between the air cleaner and the intake on the engine. The part is discontinued and the only quote I found for one of the very few remaining was $370. I didn't want to use coiled HVAC type hose because of concerns about heat, durability, and getting a good seal on each end of the hose. After muddling around for a while here's what I came up with:

I used a 3.00" to 2.25" silicone exhaust reducer and clamped it to a short section of 2.25" exhaust pipe. Then I clamped a replacement hose for a 2000 Dodge Neon onto the pipe and from there to the intake pipe above the valve cover. The part I used was a Dorman 696-301. It is 2.25" at each end. Here's where I got it:

I had a hard time figuring out which parts were going to work best and I hope that if anyone else has the same problem they'll be able to find this with search and save themselves some time. I'm sure there are better/cheaper solutions but I couldn't find them.

Note that the pipe section is not visible between the reducer and the Dodge air hose. It just provides a connection between the two and is fully covered.

You could probably use a hose off a few other landcruisers that have the box filter like yours. This was my FJ73 air intake,probably not many in your location ,but they are plentiful in aussie online dealers. . I think the 100 series has a straight hose also.

robs pics 003 (Medium) (2).jpg
I am thinking the one I got from Amayama for my BJ73 would likely work as well
As long as the hose is 3" diameter on one end and 2.25" on the other, and about 10" long (equals about 7.8 cm/5.6 cm diameters and 25 cm length) and also rubber so it flexes, it will probably work. (I rounded up the inches-to-metric conversion a little on the big end because 3" was a very tight fit, as the picture shows.)

It needs to be rubber in part, not silicone-->pipe-->silicone, because the engine vibration would have damaged the air box in short order.

Again, there are probably lots of options, but maybe not so many stateside. Anything 70 series has virtually no support at all here. (Though every so often I see one and am stricken with jealousy. Those are some nice trucks.) I do see BJ60s from Canada so I thought maybe my yankee brethren might be able to use the tip if they find themselves needing the same part.

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