Replaced 24v solenoid with 12v solenoid gear shoots out and clicks?

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Jul 10, 2017
New Zealand
hey chaps I am wondering if I can change my 12ht 24v starter solenoid with a different solenoid a 12v solenoid. look exactly the same.not sure what its off tho.might be 1hdt the shop reckons.
Check the part number and cross reference with the 12V version. I have no idea personally. You could call Specter Offroad here in the states ( or any of the other landcruiser specialty shops in the US. We have lots of good resources to call.
Here's the two starters side by side. They look the same just the angle that bolt to bellhousing must be on different sides
What was the problem with the old solenoid? In my experience, even after replacing the starter, and the battery, the problem was low voltage from the ignition switch relay to the starter solenoid. all I had to do was install another relay after the original relay with a run to the battery(new wires), w/ 10 amp fuse that is triggered by the old relay, not a single issue since.
My old starter is 24v and I've just brought that other starter which is 12v and was suppose to bolt straight up to my 12ht but it's different won't work I don't think.but was thinking I could swap over solenoids to convert the original starter to 12v.would that work
I swapped solenoids over it bolted straight up just need to test it out now see if it works

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