Repainting FJ40 Fiberglass hood.

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Mar 3, 2019
Whidbey Island
At the point in my restoration to repaint my fiberglass hood. The non-original paint job has some cracks showing by not thru the top. Do I just want to sanding it down and repairer and paint or do I need to reseal the fiberglass?
If the paint is adhering to the hood then just a scuff sanding and then paint should be fine.
If it is peeling away then you would need to strip, prime, then repaint.
Just to be clear you are talking about the hood over the engine and not the cap on the hard top? The non original paint would be a given on a engine hood as those were metal originally. I'm not sure how but think you would address sealing the fiberglass itself before painting. That may mean stripping the paint and using some kind of gel coat. Afraid cracks would just appear again on a hood that flexes every time you lift it to check anything in the engine bay.

On Mud's main page towards the bottom is a separate section that deals with body work. Might search there and start a thread if you can't find any good answers to your questions.
I was referring to the hardtop cap.....So sanding down and resealing the fiberglass to stop the paint from cracking in the future?
I just sanded mine and primed some of the deep scratches and then just painted it. But mine is no show piece.

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