Removing Scratches From Plastics (gauges)? What to use?

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Guys

Anyone had any luck removing fine scratches from their gauges or similar?

I have a subtank gauge i am going to install and the face of it (clear plastic) has some very fine scratches in it.

Any suggestions on what to do?

plastic polishing compound
used some sort of bluegray bottle on airplane canopies when I was flying...
I've had some luck with the plastic cleaner and polishers made for convertable top windows
I just use some good wax, put it on there and take it off while it is still moist. It removes scraches better while it's still moist... I work at a detail shop:cheers:
mcguires (sp?) has a plastic thing that does wonders
I've used NOVUS plastic polish with good success, but never tried it on a transparent piece.
probably overkill for a gauge but very fine sand paper used in progrssively finer stages can restore plastice, kinda labor intensive and takes some experience to get right.
3m Plastic Cleaner, followed by 3m Plastic Polish.

The plastic cleaner is a bit misnamed, as it's a more agressive polish. You follow with the plastic polish to buff back to a shine.
FJZ80 95LC front screen window suffers x shape deflection at night driving . pls advice what to do?
replace windshield with new OEM one.
Removing scratches from plastic: I had/have a Volvo 245 with plastic headlamps that turned yellow. I tried the Meguire two-step (cleaner/polisher) process with limited success. Time for more action.

Get some 800 and 1600 grit sandpaper. Clean the plastic then wet sand it with the 800. Then wet sand with 1600. Rinse. Clean. Polish. Done.
Most motorcycle acc. stores offer a three step treatment made by novus designed for windscreens that did wonders for mine.
2nd the Plexus. With fine scratches it also helps to fill them a bit as well as polish some out. That's what Plexus does.

thanks guys, i just ordered some plexus

thanks for the advice!

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