Removing pulley from 77 fj40

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Mar 4, 2020
How do you get the pulley off of a 77 fj40 smog pump?
you unscrew the big hex nut ......

lefty loosie

if you cant hold the pulley still at the same time ?

u will need a AIR GUN and this welding glove to hold the pulley

why do you need to remove it ?
Believe I see a tab from a lock washer bend over the nut. If so straighten that out before removing the nut. The shaft has a keyway think you will find the two holes in the pulley are threaded. Will need a pulley to get the pulley off the shaft and press it back on when you assemble the pump.
The nut is loose but is being held down by something, I will see if there is a tab
air hammer?

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