removing power antenea

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The dome on the top of the fender mount will unscrew. There might be a couple of holes in the dome to allow using a pin wrench.

Once the dome is removed, the antenna is pulled down through the hole in the fender. Remove the washer bottle on that side to get access. behind the washer bottle is an access hole. There are a couple of bolts that secure the antenna and motor to the inner fender.
The nut on mine was hand tight. If you are not reusing it let me know as I am looking for parts from one.
I could never find a "pin wrench" or whatever the tool that fits the nut on the yota antenna. I could find some for other things and I think I ended up using a punch with a light hammer to tap the nut around to get it loose.

They make different sockets to fit the nut the holds the antenna mast. Never could get the snap-on guy to find the right one, if its even offered anymore.
Large vise grips and a rubber kitchen jar top remover. Mike

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