removing old galley plug

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Jun 16, 2005
portland, OR
i did a search but i can't find specifically how to remove the old oil galley plug. i have the tap, drill bit, and screw, but not sure how to pop the old pressed one out.

Drill a small hole.
Tap it with a small tap.
Thread a small screw.
Pry it out.
Tap the opening and thread the permanent plug in there with some blue lock tight.

or you can drill the hole thing out and tap the hole. I've heard of it done both ways.

Most come out pretty easy.

Remember, behind where you are working is your engine, which won't like you if you let metal bits drop in there. Use some grease to keep that from happening.

It's tedious, but doable.
yeah, i'm scared to do this but it's leaking and gonna pop out i'm sure. i stuffed a grease covered cloth down the head bolt hole and tied a string to it.

i just wasn't sure if i could pry that old plug out.

ok, i'm gonna go dig in. steady hands...
See if you can find a small magnet to stick in there after you drill. Also, you may be able to sink a sheet metal screw in it and not need to tap it.
well i've started drilling but just now noticed the 5/16"-18nc tap i bought came with a "G" drill bit.

that's what i've started drilling with! please tell me i haven't screwed this thing up.

what's the difference between a "F" drill bit and a "G" drill bit.

i'm about 1/4 inch in, drilling right through the old plug.

should i continue?
what's the difference between a "F" drill bit and a "G" drill bit.

Just googled a chart...
F = 41/64
G = 21/32 (42/64)
So the diff = 1/64.
I would use the bit specifiied by your tap. They are designed to work together.

Use epoxy to reinstall the threaded plug.

I drilled out my old plug. I was nervous too. Actually, doing the tapping was more stressful, because of the ackward would really suck to break off a tap in the head. Slow and steady, 1/2 turn in, 1/4 out, use cutting oil. Remember to breathe.
The plug is aluminum so a magnet won't help.

I've done 2 of these now, both on engines that were still in the truck. I tried Loctite on the new plug and they leaked. JB Weld worked perfectly, let it cure overnight.
cool, thanks guys. i just needed a pep talk.

that bit came with the tap so i'll use it.
Take some detailed photos for the FAQ thread.

Ken, I thought you did mine? Must have been Mitch.

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