removing leaves on spring packs

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Dec 12, 2005
Has anyone removed a leaf or two on a spring pack, sky jacker in this case to soften the ride... also was thinking about reversing the springs both front and rear which would increase my wheelbase front to rear by approx. 8 in.

I have removed leaves from a pinnicle pack with good results. I removed the overload and next shortest in the rear and just the next to last in the front. I bought 2.5 lift springs but with an alum body and no top it was too stiff. Can't tell about reversing packs but there is a lot of info just search. Good luck, Bill
I have the 4" skyjacker also. I find it a rough ride and was thinking of removing as well a leaf to see what would happen. let us know what you find.

i have flipped my front and rear leafs can be done but you cant use stock steering i use saginaw just have to watch pitman arm length or you tie rod will sit directly over the other tie rod. i shortend mine but am planning to run 4x4 labs arms to put the relay rod behind the axle. keep that in mind and the fact that you will have to lengthen driveshafts and move shock mounts all doable.

well i never drive it on the street so i do not know how it feels at speeds over 25-30. but at those speeds it was fine i think this is more a mod for a purely offroad truck. i have a buddy who reversed just his back springs he runs 36" tsl and it rode about the same at highway speeds. but on that tire its hard to tell.

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