Removing leaves from rear FJ45 spring pack?

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Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
I have a stock rear springs in my '65 FJ45, and would like to remove some of the leaves to make the truck ride more smoothly. Call me a puss, but I'm not going to carry several engine blocks and don't need the enormous load capacity present in the stock springs. Like any FJ45, it rides like a 1 ton truck that is empty. I have a factory spare tire installed and a fairly heavy rear bumper on the truck right now, so without adding sandbags, I can't make the rear end heavier.

Has anyone removed leaves before to accomplish this? Did you lose much ride height or suffer later spring damage? As lovely as parabolic springs would be, I'm not going to make that investment right now.

I realize you would have to redo the spring clamps and ubolts to accomodate the smaller spring pack thickness. Any other issues? How many leaves would you remove? Thoughts/opinions/cheap shots very welcome - thanks in advance.


I'm actually thinking of adding a leaf to mine, but I'm sprung over...maybe that is what you need to do?

It's pretty easy to do, I'd start by pulling one. Just go to your local NAPA and get some new cener pins of the correct length.


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