Removing Fenders

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Mar 10, 2007
I'm repainting my 60, and want to reseal and paint the seam on the firewall behind the fenders. Any tips on removing them?
Be careful with the small bolts joining the bottom front of the fenders to the lower valence, I snapped one or two of them. Also dont forget to open the front doors and get the bolts in there. Most of the bolts are pretty visible but some of them are sneaky.

Good Luck!
have a crack at it. you will learn a lot. just took mine off last week and the leaves, my gosh, the where the wiper motor is. from memory will need a 12mm and 10mm socket and phillips head to remove headlight cover and marker lamp. there are a couple sneaky ones near the mud flap. i suggest you blow out leaves and crud with an air hose if you can get your hands on one.
I'll see what I can do. Where the panel meets the rad support looks particularly hard.
If I told you there are something like 22- 25 bolts and screws holding the fender on, you would not believe me.

After you find them all, you will laugh because there are 22-25 of them.

The bottom ones on the top of the cowl are the funnest. You will know when you get there.

You will also find that they are sealed to the cowl with some industrial strength silicon/glue.
Do yourself a favor and start hitting as many of the bolts as you can find with a rust penetrant.
The only tricky part about taking off the fenders (other than finding all the bolts) is digging out the seam sealer without slipping and scratching the paint. Once you remove anything attached to the inner fender walls, you will be able to find most of the hidden bolts.
I have the front and lower loose, but it feels like it's stuck. Does it not lift off the apron and inner fender?
Maybe not it looks like the skin is spot welded to the inner fender support...

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