Removing ball joints?

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Jul 10, 2003
Just removed the birfield from my 78 fj40 to find red soupy fluid in the driver's side knuckle not grease! not good. now am getting ready to replace all the seals & gaskets & figured what the hell - am going after the ball joints too...just can't figure out how to remove them. Hoping that this will stop a nasty shimmy i am getting in that tire. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
Cruisers don't have ball joints, they have trunion bearings, but they serve the same purpose for steering.

You need to remove the steering arms and the bottom caps from outside the knuckle. A brass drift will be needed to rap the arm and get the cone washers to pop out.

See Morgan's writeup in the tech section for a good pictorial on the process.
Great thanks! I'm a newbie when it comes to axles, i will check that out now...appreciate the help!

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