Removal Trunion Bearing Races???

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Nov 11, 2007
Vancouver Island, BC
Hello all,

Just to preface: I am not a mechanic, but I am slowly learning bits about my 80.

I started the front end rebuild today. Everything is apart and clean, except the trunion bearing races. Can someone explain to me why I need to remove them?

Oh, and by the way, when getting ready to do this build make sure you have :beer: on the supply list. I came inside for a cold one and realized I had none in the fridge. How does one run out of :beer: even on a normal day? Who knows?

Thanks for the help.


Dan's kit comes with new trunion bearings and races. His kit is to replace everything "consumable" so for whatever reason the trunion bearings need to be replaced as a consumable item, including the races.

I'm in the midst of the same job myself, and if I understand correctly the preload for the trunion bearings will be correct as long as you reuse the same shims that you remove.

HTH :beer:
The races are matched to the bearings. Even if they weren't, the races are just as worn as the bearings themselves.

Get a long brass drift, the races come out easier than you'd think.

The way it was explained to me, the reason trunion bearings & races together (as Spike explained) need replaced is because their wear is much different than wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are constantly turning when rig is in motion. Trunion bearings move only when steering wheel is turned. So they spend most of their time in one place - steering wheel straight ahead. They can develop a worn spot which is only fixed by replacement.
Thanks for the help. I guess I will have to wait for trunion bearings and races to finish this job as I only got the Toyota gasket kit. (I live in British Columbia so costly to get stuff from CDan, therefore didn't get the "rebuild kit" from him - wished I had now just so I had every bit needed).

I thought you were asking about the races specifically. If you are asking if you should change the trunnion bearings, it depends on if they're worn. They almost always are, and they're easy to change while you're there, and you'll hate yourself if you do all that work and have to go back in the knuckles in the near future to replace them. However, there is no ironclad requirement to change them.


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