Remote door unlock anyone?

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Jun 10, 2012
Kalgoorlie Western Australia
Has anyone seen or made a remote door unlock?:confused:
I have rear barn doors and its a pain in the bum having to take the keys out of the ignition all the time to unlock the back doors.:bang:
A cable operated unlock (something like the bonnet latch) would be awsome about an extra key?

BTW - I love barn doors!
An extra key works but I still have to remember it and not loose it.

I've had this issue with roof racks (for locking bikes and skis to the rack). I settled on a key that's on a loop, I put the loop over something convenient (eg - turn signal stalk) so it's always close at hand.
I once used a vl boot release to release a wagon tailgate via an alarm remote. The only thing thing you have to look at is if you can unlock the mechanism somehow by modification. I'm not sure with the barn doors but with the top and bottom tailgate on a 60 series it unlocks/locks with the doors so I have nothing to worry about. If the barn doors have a lock unlock button then maybe an aftermarket actuator will work. What you could do is set it up with a momentary push switch or open/closed (3 position switch) near the driver and wire it up using relays to trigger the actuator. You can look at some websites, cant remember but a google search of 'door lock relay wiring' or something similar should bring some results. I don't think a cable will work as there are too many turns and distance to overcome especially when you get to the doors.
Well job done. Use 1 cable operated boot release from a vr-vy commodore (Pontiac g8) and modified release handel. Bend boot end of cable on to its self and crimp in place. Thread cable through demister cable grommets, and run behind cargo side panel,under rear arch trim, under carpet and up the kick panel. Attach to leaver. Can now unlock the back from the drivers seat. Lock still operates as normal with key too.
Well done!
FYI the JDM ambi door models came with a electric rear door lock with the switch on the drivers door to unlock or lock,
Nice job, any pics of how it all came together?

I don't have barn doors, but have remote central locking, all hooked up to the rear tail gate top and bottom, so if my drivers door is unlocked, so are the back doors.

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