Relay rods, any differences? Axle swap problems

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Jun 4, 2009
New Smyrna Beach FL
Did the relay rod change length from between 1977 and the 1960's?

I have just got my 1977 axles installed under my 1962 fj40. The 1962 relay rod was in real bad shape and I just cut it to get the old axle out, and now it is gone. The relay rod that same with the 1977 axles is in real good shape, but it is like 3 or 4 inches to short and that is after I make it longer then I would feel safe doing.

Is this a 1977 relay rod, or is it something someone put on as part of a power steering option. Can I get a relay rod from a local auto store? If so what would be the thread pattern. I think the rod end is the correct size for the center arm. Have not checked that yet. I might have a relay rod from the 71 parts log I got my steering box from, have not dug those parts out yet.

(Picture from before I cleaned up and painted)
Looks like it is for Saginaw power steering to me; that would make it too short to use with the factory bellcrank affair on any year 40 series.

Those rotors are sweet.

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