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Oct 29, 2008
In the valley of the Great Salt Lake.
Relays are a funny beast. Their origins go way back to the early days of electricity. By the time the transistor ushered in the semiconductor age, relays were antique technology. The funny thing is, nothing truly better that does the same thing as relays for the price has come along. As a result, relays are still with us and will be for a long time to come. Many years ago, Bosch set the standard for automotive relays, not only for the quality of the relays, but for the pinout as well (the stupid 30-87-87a-85-86 thing). For a time, none of the cheap imitations came close. Then Tyco relays eventually caught up to Bosch. Finally, a Japanese relay maker called Omron equaled the quality of the Bosch relays. Bosch and Tyco have now merged. Today, there are dozens of makers of relays, most of them Chinese. And most of the Chinese relays are shall we say lower than the standard of quality set by Bosch/Tyco/Omron. Until now that is.

I have built well over 100 headlight harnesses and relay panels using a Chinese brand of relay called Song Chuan. The Bussmann RTMR relay panel I use has 5 relays. So that means I have placed over 500 of these Song Chuan relays into service over the past year and a half. So far, none of these relays have failed to my knowledge. I am beginning to gain quite a bit of confidence in them.

So, if you are looking for automotive relays for a project you are doing, you might want to try out Song Chaun relays. The part number for the standard Bosch style automotive relay is 896H-1CH-C1S-R1. One source is Waytek Inc, Home page to buy fuses, circuit breakers, cable ties, wire and other electrical supplies By Waytek Inc. Their part number for the Song Chuan relay is 75716.
Hey, thanks for the info and the link!

I have a few more relays I need for some lighting and inverter projects and this company has some great pricing.



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