For Sale Regrefully I am selling my Maggiolina Adventure Large RTT

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That is a great price! Any damage?
That is a great deal for that type of RTT. How old is it? It is in VA?
x2 on Karl's question. I want to know as well.
Damage no, there was a hole in the back on the top I repaired.
Not sure the Adventure series is one of the older models but a great tent. I am just selling it for what I bought it for and have in it with the new Mattress, etc.

It does not leak, is nice inside and just fantastic.
like i said i drove it 4000 miles from Leesburg, Va (where I am at and where it is at) to Colorado, Utah and back.
no problems at all. It went though some of the worst rain, wind, lightening etc I have seen in a while and not one problem.
Best thing is the sheets, pillows and comforter, do not have to be removed to close it.

I went over Ouray Pass, Alta lakes (rear lake), Engineer pass, did the Yankee Girl mine trail.
Not one issue with it ontop.

So location as mentioned is Leesburg, VA
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New price $850.
I really need this out of my Garage
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This is the last and final reduction. I need this gone by next weekend (Prefer this weekend) as I need the room to finish my M416.
This a no haggle price. you come get it, make sure it opens, pay me and i will help you load it.
I will not deliver meet 1/2 way to anything else. At this price i am losing money big time.
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