Registering a diesel vehicle in California

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    So far this is what I found out about California vehicle registration. The air resource board told me that any vehicle 1975 or newer had to conform to California emissions standards. Even though diesel vehicles are smog except they still have emissions standards. This means that to register a vehicle in California you need to prove the vehicle meets these standards. In order to show conformity they need to have a certificate issued by the state board. This will happen when one of 3 testing stations gives you a certificate. There are currently testing stations in California that do this I know one charges $3000 approximate to test I’m not sure if the others test diesels. They do not care that the vehicle is federally EPA exempt. The California air resource board directed me to look up the California Health and Safety Code to see the emissions laws. After reading them the only legal exemption I could see was to have the vehicle get an EPA emissions certification sticker and then once the owner owns the vehicle for one year they can register it in California. This would mean you still had to pay to test the vehicle in another state which may be cheaper. These laws do not apply to vehicles that were originally manufactured for sale in the United States. Does anyone know what diesel land cruiser models and years these are? I'm sure I probable missed something in my reading does anyone else have any good info on these laws. I know plenty of people have diesel land cruisers in California so I know its possible to register them here but maybe they just slipped though the cracks. I was wondering if the state can come back to you even though they gave you title and registration if they later realize that they made a mistake in giving you registration and title?

    Here are the links to the horrible reading I did to find this information. California law sucks!!!

    This link is from the California air resource board and has the part of the health and safety code that deals with Vehicles in California.

    This link is from a law website that lists the full California health and safety code.

    This link lists the applicable part that I found pertaining to vehicles being registered in California (HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE
    SECTION 44200-44210)
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    Well, I confess I read none of that and I can only say that it seems to me they are cracking down more and more on diesels here in Cali. I registered/titled mine in late 2004 based on the simple diesel exemption in Cali, but "Diesel42" here had a lot of trouble (which may have just been a paperwork issue). What you are saying here is that CARB and the DMV are finding new legislation that can be applied to diesels. Based on Diesel42's response by one CARB employee, I'm not surprised. They don't want this to happen, even if everybody is doing it to run BioD.

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    Thats most of the problem ,there never were any diesel landcruisers sold in the US.
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