Refurbish fiberglass roof

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Nov 5, 2006
My 1980 FJ40 has a fairly good fiberglass roof. The top is dull, maybe chalky. Only if the dust settles just right, a fine dusting shows spider webs of cracks. The roof does not leak, and only if there is fine dust are the cracks even noticeable. (Can’t send a pic at the moment, to much snow outside)

I’ve heard that painting a roof is not a proper repair, the roof was never painted, it is gellcoat. But honestly, these cracks are so small, I’ll bet a coat of paint would fill them.

Has anybody repaired something like what I am trying to describe?
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And while it may be true that it was a specific-shade-of-white gel coat, there are multiple threads about people using cygnus white paint (or even some other shade based on user preference...) so it's not uncommon to paint the roof cap.

I wish I could remember the shade of paint I used, but I absolutely remember it was some marine epoxy from West Marine, and it's probably a little bit brighter than stock... but I like it and as I said in the thread it was $$$ less than a new cap.
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Can't re-create the gelcoat, so the West Marine epoxy might be a good alternative--
Can't re-create the gelcoat, so the West Marine epoxy might be a good alternative--
Yes you can, quite simply actually. But it is a labor-intensive process. Brush on, roll on, or (preferably) spray on the gelcoat. You will need to wet sand it smooth with varying ultra-fine grit sand paper, then a marine polishing compound, and a wax. If done correctly, you'll achieve a result far better than any paint or epoxy. Look up gelcoat work on boats on YouTube.
I put this on 9 years ago.
Used a paint brush and roller, self leveling. Used 3/4 of a QT.
If you don't want to spend a lot of $,looks great and easy to do yourself. Just my .02 Sorry for the way too large pics.
top cap pic.jpg

Sorry pics are large
top cap can.jpg

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